Nadeem Sarwar Top 10 Nohay, New Nohe in 2017

Nadeem Sarwar Top 10 Nohay, New Nohe in 2017: Nadeem Sarwar is very famous Noha Khuwan in Pakistan! He has vocalized a large number of Nauhas in different languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki, Arabic and Farsi. Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar was born on 25th October 1970 in Karachi (Pakistan). He is considered to be one of the most talented Noha Khuwan through out the country. Nadeem Sarwar has given his voice for many nohay for big banner Azadari Album. Today we have created a list of his Top 10 Nohay and the latest Noha songs as well. Nadeem Sarwar has released 35 albums by now which are a circle of highly praise and attract listeners again and again.

nadeem sarwar top 10 nohay 2017

10. Ya Haider (R.A)

Ya Daider heart touching noha sung and composed by Nadeem Sarwar. Painful lyrics are written by Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar. The delicate Punjabi noha has 1 million views and 15K likes on Youtube.

09. Hallo Momino

Nadeem Sarwar new Sindhi noha Hallo Momino out now. Its composition, central idea given by Nadeem Sarwar while lyrics are penned by Jawad Jaffry under the music label of Royall Records. This noha taken from “Badshah Hussain” album.

08. Aey Kufio

Presenting Badshah Hussain album another super hit noha Aey Kufio. Aye Kufiano Bewafa sung, composed and written by Nadeem Sarwar. The delicate Urdu Noha has 826,157 views and 4,489 likes on Youtube.

07. Madine Jaon

This beautiful noha is recite by Nadeem Sarwar. Madeene Jaun noha is recited by Nadeem Sarwar and composed by SNRS with the help of Royall Records. Hope you will like this noha very much.

06. Meda Nuqsan

Royall Records Presents Saraiki noha Meda Nuqsan by Nadeem Sarwar. Noha taken from the album Badshah Hussain, lyrics are penned by Jawad Jaffry while music are composed by Nadeem Sarwar.

05. Kya Andhera

Checkout this noha of Nadeem Sarwar of all time that are loved by the people all over the world. Kya Andhera Urdu noha sung and composed and penned by Nadeem Raza.

04. Aey Alamdar-e-Man

Nadeem Sarwar’s latest noha Aye Alamdar E Man released. Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar has gifted his fans with so hearttouching Nohay. Its lyrics and composition create own Nadeem Sarwar.

03. Ye Kaun Gira

Ye Kaun Gira another painful Urdu noha recited by Nadeem Sarwar. Its lyrics are very sorrow and music is so painful. Nadeem Sarwar has done a brilliant job with the vocals. There is pain in his voice which does justice to the noha 2017.

02. Bismillah

This noha taken from Bismillah e Noor e Khuda album. It sung by Nadeem Sarwar and penned by NRS while music is arranged by Na under the music label of Royall Records. It was released on 16th October, 2016.

01. Badshah Hussain (R.A)

It is the title noha of Nadeem Sarwar’s new album “Badshah Hussain (R.A)”. Its lyrics, music, arrangement, composition by Nadeem Sarwar. Finaly hope you will like and share this album.

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